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No Colored Flowers EP // EndzGotOddRoots


No Colored Flowers EP // EndzGotOddRoots

No Colored Flowers cover.jpg
No Colored Flowers cover.jpg
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No Colored Flowers EP // EndzGotOddRoots

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Released December 25th 2012

:::::::::::::: Tracklist ::::::::::::::

  1. Intro (Prod. By 4th Beats) 
  2. No Colored Flowers Ft. Dave Allen (Prod. By Moonshine)
  3. Filthy Corpse Ft. Dj Humble (Prod. by 4th Beats)
  4. Mastering Ceremonies (Prod by SourSoul)
  5. Sickest of MC’s Ft. Reverie (Prod. By Nothyself)
  6. Real Recognize Lies Ft. Hands One (Prod. By Hands)
  7. High Life Ft. DeeJaeeBee (Prod. By 4th Beats)
  8. Interlude
  9. Imagine Ft. Dj Nothyself (Prod. By Bl_nk)
  10. Once Met an OG
  11. Summer Illen Ft. Dave Allen (Prod. By Yo Kartelli)
  12. Dear Thoughts (Prod. By Bl_nk)