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The Baptism // DeeJaeeBee


The Baptism // DeeJaeeBee

The Baptism Cover.png
The Baptism Cover.png
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The Baptism // DeeJaeeBee

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Released June 21st 2014

::::::::: Tracklist :::::::::

  1. This Song Is My Name (Prod. By Bl_nk)
  2. Young Man, Old Soul (Prod. by YoKartelli)
  3. The Baptism Ft. Dave Allen & Endz (Prod. By 4th Beats)
  4. Elixir Ft. Dave Allen (Prod. By 4th Beats)
  5. Heart Adjust (Prod. By Bl_nk)
  6. Low Key Confused
  7. Won’t Say No (Prod. By Hands Uno)
  8. Love Fades Away (Prod. By Mr. Temmtation)
  9. Clarity (Prod. By 4th Beats)
  10. Where Are You Going Ft. Dave Allen & Endz (Prod. By Bl_nk)
  11. His Eye On The Sparrow
  12. T.O.P. Ft. MC Lovin’ (Prod. By Kid Sound)