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Chente Chi

Chente Chi


“Peacefully Dedicated to Serve my People”
— Vicente Ruiz

Born and raised in Southern California, Chente has always been involved in the hip hop movement djing for multiple hiphop groups throughout the years O'Phrap & 5th P, Yours Truly, Locally Grown Collective, and countless other emcees and singers. Orginally captivated by the art of turntablism he bought his first set of turntables at the age of 14. An avid curator of musical frequencies Chente further expanded his consciousness in music by digging for records on almost a daily basis sacrificing his lunch money for vinyls at local stores. Becoming more well rounded he immediately was drawn to jazz music. The improvisation and color of jazz culture captured a part of his soul that coincided quite well with his desire to look within to further know himself on a spiritual level. It was at this time that he bought his first beat machine and began manipulating sounds that he captured through digging. Inspired by the words of Dj Shadow, " Digging won't make a bad DJ good but a good Dj better" Chente applied the same principle to producing music. 


At the age of 20 Chente was living with pop locker & truth seeker Adrian Lobo Miramontes (FBC) in Anaheim where he developed a love for mediation, yoga, and dancing. These years are fundamental to the intention in his music and play a key in his path of self discovery realizing his call to heal and serve God's people during his stay here on planet earth. Since then his soul has faced many trials and tribulations, all beautiful yet painful experiences that he holds dear to his heart. It is with these experiences and his intention set to heal that he is able to transmutate darkness into light. As above so below, in complete flow with duality, Chente captures his soul and is able to transmit it to people across the world. Love, peace, and unity being his primary objective Chente is involved in his community by serving as a board member and Dj to Next Up Foundation, a non profit in Anaheim, CA. While also working the family business Chente also dedicates his time to Yoga & reflexology furthering his skills and obtaining new modalities on his path in healing. In Lak'ech Ala K'in