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Todo Fluye

Kevin Ferrer

A brand founded by Leomar Mendez, Todo Fluye, means everything flows. He's taken that to heart and began to let it flow with these classic sounds curated by Leomar Mendez. His debut mixtape brings together the urban ruggedness of hip hop along side the sultry smooth sounds of latin music. Todo Fluye today with these fresh sounds featuring Endz, 4th Beats, Mike Wird & Marron Fernandez. 

Melotonics 3 part special; A 1 Year anniversary

Kevin Ferrer

Thursday night Melotonics began the release of their 3 piece combo for the 1 year anniversary of the self titled debut project Melotonics. The duo was created by Vel The Wonder & 4th Beats coming together and fostering a musical endeavor they had never been on. 1 year later they revisit the impact it's made on their musical careers in a short documentary. With rumors of Melotonics 2 surfacing these visual gems are sure to suffice anyones Melotonics itch. 


Kevin Ferrer

LGCLTV Music Presents 


Thursday Night after the family dinner. Turn the News on here at LGCLTV to listen to the new song by Endz. It'll be available on all streaming platforms except Pandora...Pandora... pay the artist better! This song was created in the last few months by Endz. The artwork was created by Nacho from a Southern California creative applications agency! 

Thank you to everyone who works on a project with the collective! We appreciate your efforts! 

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Kevin Ferrer

4th Beats rings the bell and reminds us when it's time to hustle... it's time to hustle. GO is his latest call to arms and he recruits 2 emerging west coast emcees ready to put in the work! 

This single features Endz and Hippie C. Juice County natives who embody the drive to move forward with your dreams. 

Available on your favorite streaming platform

Listen on Spotify here! 

Soundcloud and youtube uploads coming soon!